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Automatic Filling Machine

The automatic filling machine is a newly designed machine that incorporates touch screen control for a simple operation.

    1. Fully Automatic Liquid Filling MachineFully automatic liquid filling machines are used to fill glass bottles, plastic barrels, metal containers and other containers. They are used to fill shampoo, detergent, bath oils, vegetable oils, other oils, and other liquids that range from no viscosity to a large viscosity.
    1. Fully Automatic Cream Filling Machine LineThe automatic paste filling machine is used for automatic filling of creams, oils, syrups, shampoos, sauces, juice paste and other thicker materials.
    1. Automatic Aerosol Filling MachineAutomatic aerosol filling machines are used to fill aerosol cans with a thin liquid, such as kerosene, foaming agent, pesticides, sprays, and more. When ejecting the aerosol from the container, the liquid is evenly distributed to form a fog on the desired surface.

Yuxiang as a reliable automatic filling machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides filling equipment for cosmetics manufacturing and household chemical manufacturing plant. Our company offer complete liquid processing line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions. For the different types of materials like lotion, cream, ointment products, our filling machines can be designed and configured in customer needs.

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