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Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

  • Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine
  • Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Automatic aerosol filling machines are used to fill aerosol cans with a thin liquid, such as kerosene, foaming agent, pesticides, sprays, and more. When ejecting the aerosol from the container, the liquid is evenly distributed to form a fog on the desired surface.

Filling capacity 50-750ml
Filling velocity 1800-2400cans/hour
Filling precision ≤1%
Sealing precision ≤1%
Maximum gas consumption 3m2/min
Working pressure 0.65-1Mpa
Container radius 35-65
Container height 80-330mm

The filling head is individually controlled and will not discharge when there is no tank. If the head's sealing effect is not great, the device will automatically stop working. This makes it user friendly and allows users to find the reason and thus, prevent the production of defective products. This equipment can also be equipped with an automatic weighing machine, capping machine and inkjet printer.

Yuxiang as a leading aerosol filling machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides aerosol filling equipment for chemical manufacturing plant. Our company offer complete process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions. For the different types of materials like lotion, cream, ointment products, our machines can be designed and configured in customer needs.

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