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Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

Yuxiang offers a full line of semi-automatic filling machines, ranging from liquid, to creams and all the way to aerosol can filling equipment. We also offer customized equipment to meet customer requirements.

    1. Pneumatic Liquid Filling MachineThe semi-automatic liquid filling machine is pneumatically controlled, and is suitable for filling glass bottles, plastic barrels, metal containers and more with shampoo, detergents, bath oils, vegetable oils, and other fluids with and without large amounts of viscosity.
    1. Pneumatic Cream Filling MachineThe semi-automatic cream filling machine is pneumatically controlled, and is suitable for filling bottles, plastic buckets, metal containers and more with cream, lipstick, perfume, oil syrup, shampoo and other thick, creamy substances.
    1. Vertical Cream Filling MachineOur vertical cream filling machine is customized to meet specific customer requirements, and is suitable for filling a variety of thick, creamy materials such as lipsticks, oils, syrups, shampoos and more.
    1. Bottle Filling MachineOur bottle filling machine is customized according to specific customer requirements, and is used to fill a variety of materials, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil, cosmetics and food liquids. Filling capacities vary from 3-5000ml and the velocity is up to 3800 bottles per hour.
    1. Aerosol Filling Packaging MachineThe semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is used to fill aerosol cans with thin liquids, such as kerosene, cleaning liquids, insecticides and more so that when ejected from the container, the substance forms an even mist over the desired surface.

Yuxiang as a reliable semi-automatic filling machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides filling equipment for cosmetics manufacturing and household chemical manufacturing plant. Our company offer complete process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions.

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