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Plastic Tube, Laminated Tube Filling Capping Sealing Machine

  • Plastic Tube, Laminated Tube Filling Capping Sealing Machine
  • Plastic Tube, Laminated Tube Filling Capping Sealing Machine

Laminated tube filling and capping sealing machines are used to fill and seal plastic tubes and laminated tubes. This equipment can be printed on according to customer requirements, and materials include a liquid and high viscosity paste material. Each tube filling machine meets GMP standards, and can be used as corollary equipment in a number of factory types, ranging from cosmetics to food and everything in between.

Texture Plastic tube, composite tube
Diameter φ15-φ60 (mm)
Length 60-250 (mm)
Capacity 5-400ml per tube
Precision ≤±1%
Productivity 1800-3000 tubes per hour
Working pressure 0.55-0.65 Mpa
Motor power 2Kw (380V/220V 50HZ)
Hot sealing power 3Kw
Size 2620×1020×1980mm (L×W×H)
Weight 1100kg

Work process
8-16 station automatic rotation à quantitative filling à automatic cut off à heat sealing à cutting tail à finished output.
All workflows are controlled by the cylinder, which features a high precision filling and adjustable filling speed.

1. The sealing material used in the automatic tube filling machine is stainless steel, with the process controlled by a highly automatic system.
2. Manually add material
3 The device's tail speed is easy to adjust, and the speed is clearly on display with a digital display.
4. If there is no plastic pipe or composite pipe to be filled, the equipment will not carry out filling.
5. When the equipment operates normally and the hose is offset, a device will automatically sound an alarm and stop operation, making this equipment user friendly.
6. The same machine can be equipped with different molds to achieve different specifications for the filling and sealing of plastic pipes and composite pipes.

Item Mode Brand Quantity
human-computer interface GT1150-QBBD-C Mitsubishi 1
PLC FX2N-32MT Mitsubishi 1
transducer FR-S520SE-1.5KW Mitsubishi 1
relay RXL4A06B2P7 Schneider 1
breaker OSMC32 Schneider 6
contactor LC1-D1810 Schneider 1
button XB2-BD21C Schneider 11
power switch S-50-24 Omron 1
optoelectronic switch R58E BANNER 1
solenoid valve
Japan SMC 6
proximity switch E2E-X3D1N Omron 2
heater LEISTER3000 Switzerland(400F) 1
Temperature controller DTA-4848V1 Delta(400F) 1

Yuxiang as a leading plastic and laminated tube filling sealing machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides filling and sealing equipment for cosmetics plant, chemical factory and pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Our company offer complete liquid and paste process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, emulsifying, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions. For the different types of materials like lotion, cream, ointment products, our tube filling and sealing machines can be designed and configured in customer needs.

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