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Automatic Metal Tube Filling Capping Sealing Machine

  • Automatic Metal Tube Filling Capping Sealing Machine
  • Automatic Metal Tube Filling Capping Sealing Machine

Automatic metal tube filling capping sealing machines are used to fill and seal plastic tubes and laminated tubes. This equipment can be printed on according to customer requirements, and materials include a liquid and high viscosity paste material. Each tube filling machine meets GMP standards, and can be used as corollary equipment in a number of factory types, ranging from cosmetics to food and everything in between.

Texture Metal tube
Diameter Ф19~Ф32mm
Length 60-250mm
Capacity 20~150ml per tube
Precision ≤±1%
Productivity 10~30 tube per min
Working pressure 0.55-0.65 Mpa
Motor power 1.5Kw(380V/220V 50HZ)
Hot sealing power 3Kw
Size 1000×550×1200mm(L×W×H)
Weight 250kg

Work process
8-16 station automatic rotation à quantitative filling à automatic cut off à heat sealing à cutting tail à finished output.
All workflows are controlled by the cylinder, which features a high precision filling and adjustable filling speed.

1. The sealing material used in the automatic tube filling machine is stainless steel, with the process controlled by a highly automatic system.
2. Manually add material
3 The device's tail speed is easy to adjust, and the speed is clearly on display with a digital display.
4. If there is no plastic pipe or composite pipe to be filled, the equipment will not carry out filling.
5. When the equipment operates normally and the hose is offset, a device will automatically sound an alarm and stop operation, making this equipment user friendly.
6. The same machine can be equipped with different molds to achieve different specifications for the filling and sealing of plastic pipes and composite pipes.

Item Specifications and Models Quantity Note
three-phase asynchronous motor Y90L-4 1.5kW/380V 1400rpm horizontal 1 Jiangsu Nantong
electromagnetic clutch DLYO-16A 1 Tian jing
reduction box WPKA70 30:1 1 Hangzhou wanjie speed reducer co. LTD
pneumatic element
1 Shanghai full wei + yadke
electrical apparatus element
1 Zhejiang tianzheng
1 Tai da

Yuxiang as a reliable metal tube filling capping sealing machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly provides tube filling and sealing equipment for cosmetics manufacturing plant and household chemical manufacturing plant. Our company offer complete liquid and cream process line including mixing, agitating, dispensing, emulsifying, homogenizing, filling and sealing as well as custom solutions.

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